Changes in LRAlamy V1.0.7928

Date Change
03 June 2019 Respond to an Alamy change which affected the sales data retrieval.
07 May 2019 "Submissions" collection sets were not being created.
15 April 2019 Fix changing of "Editorial Only" setting.
07 April 2019 Update for new Alamy metadata requirements.
23 November 2018 Fix for a change on the Alamy website which was blocking uploading using the plugin.
09 October 2018 Show improved error messages with more information, and links to online articles.
27 September 2018 HTML logging improved.
20 September 2018 Remove IFrames in logs because Alamy don't allow it any more.
31 August 2018 Double-check that the hemisphere and location information matches during fetch
28 August 2018 The latest sales were not always fetched from Alamy.
28 August 2018 Fix an error message if the plugin needed to re-try connecting to Alamy
13 August 2018 Add compatibility with Windows 10 r1803
26 July 2018 Minor change to Discoverability scoring for very old images which are on sale but have no caption.
26 July 2018 Parse GPS coordinates received from Alamy.
26 July 2018 Make more Alamy data browsable in the Library module
25 July 2018 Set GPS coordinates in Lightroom if Alamy send them.
25 July 2018 Correct the format of the GPS coordinates when sending to Alamy
25 July 2018 Fix Discoverery calculation when certain Alamy values were unset in Lightroom
24 July 2018 Fix for a Lightroom "Internal Error" when importing from CSV
15 July 2018 Add merge/replace/ignore options when importing tags from CSV
15 July 2018 Numerous fixes for importing keywords from CSV.
15 July 2018 Generating CSV files is faster.
06 June 2018 Use built-in English names for months when requesting sales report from Alamy.
02 June 2018 Fix ability to manually override a matched photo with a different AlamyRef.
01 June 2018 Count tags during a Fetch even when they don't change, if the counts are missing.
01 June 2018 Change wording on Clear Alamy Data dialog.
28 May 2018 Fix incorrect keyword count after "Reassign Keywords" dialog.
28 May 2018 Add a menu item to just fetch sales data.
28 May 2018 Add an option to disable the automatic fetching of sales data after a Fetch run.
28 May 2018 Update file uploading method to match Alamy's current.
28 May 2018 Fix some incorrect image type values.
28 May 2018 Increase default max raw size to 200 Mb
28 May 2018 Don't request a session ID from Alamy until it's needed.
25 May 2018 Add better description of what the "Scale to Mb" filter does.
25 May 2018 Fetch a real session ID before uploading after switching off "Dummy Run"
24 May 2018 Fix bug where it was not possible to export in dummy run
24 May 2018 Fix bug where tag counts were not updated correctly after a Fetch.
18 May 2018 Tooltips have been added to all export dialogs.
18 May 2018 Clear Alamy Status and Mark as Uploaded Copy menu items are faster for large catalogs
17 May 2018 Tidy up options in the Fetch dialog.
09 May 2018 Use the correct title in "Set as Uploaded Copy"
09 May 2018 Remove the "With VC Name" field from the exporter's settings display if it's not relevant
08 May 2018 Matching performance improvements
08 May 2018 Matching modified to be smarter in finding the correct image
07 May 2018 The Image Type field was not being downloaded from Alamy correctly
07 May 2018 Make sure GPS info is sent to Alamy
18 April 2018 Fix several problems communicating with Alamy.
10 February 2018 Fix bug when sending more than 40 main keywords
09 February 2018 Change the FTP location for news uploads.
08 February 2018 Fix an error in the update notice dialog where the updates-until message was shown only for trial copies
08 February 2018 Fix for crash when receiving totally empty sales reports.
05 December 2017 Add option to ignore DACS payments
04 December 2017 Add immediate link for editing to logfiles
04 December 2017 Use date of invoice rather than date cleared for sales
04 December 2017 Fix swapped order of "All" and "Unique" sold photos
26 November 2017 Respond to Alamy change for sales report page.
14 September 2017 Remove limit of 24Mb on JPEG uploads
03 August 2017 Add details of sales to the log, and the UI when using the "Check for Sales" button
06 July 2017 Hide Digitally Altered flag which is no longer used
03 July 2017 Fix problem with uploads saying the the upload feature is frozen for 0 days
30 June 2017 Fix bug when creating submission-specific collections
25 June 2017 Correct the No Tags/Supertags collections
19 June 2017 Wasn't always logging in correctly when using "Export with Previous"
18 June 2017 Fix new Discoverability collections to exclude inappropriate images.
18 June 2017 Update Discoverability when sending metadata to Alamy
17 June 2017 Update default templates to include all new settings.
17 June 2017 Fix arithmetic error when calculating megapixel sizes.
17 June 2017 Add extra control to Fetch for handling virtual copies.
16 June 2017 Add Alamy Media Ref as a browsable field
16 June 2017 Fix "OnSale" download of metadata getting data for all images
10 June 2017 Improve detection of inappropriate word limiters in keywords and synonyms.
07 June 2017 Potential fix for login problems
16 May 2017 Fix Smart Collection for "QC Failed", add a new one for "In QC"
15 May 2017 Fix error reported by Alamy when not sending all data
13 May 2017 Correct the format of keyword lists being sent to Alamy
13 May 2017 Keywords were exported as numeric IDs instead of text, when creating a CSV
28 April 2017 Set correct values when using Reset button in Scale to Megabytes filter.
28 April 2017 When using Set Metadata, if no Caption is defined, fall back on a Title
28 April 2017 Fix server error when trying to fetch metadata for newly uploaded images
20 April 2017 Disable LR search on keyword fields to avoid Lightroom's 512-char limit on searchable text fields.
14 April 2017 Fix for collections recreating on every startup if unexpected ones were found.
06 March 2017 Add ability to update Smart Collections, and do so to use the new Alamy status values
02 March 2017 Rewrite keyword handling to use new Alamy Image Manager interface
01 March 2017 Add display of Restriction fields.
28 February 2017 Add new Alamy Image Manager fields to the Alamy and Alamy Plus metadata sets in Lightroom
28 February 2017 Fix occasional "Logfile Not Found" errors
28 February 2017 Merge and Set keyword options now remove unnecessary keywords
12 February 2017 Use new Alamy Image Manager interface
27 January 2017 Add "Suffix" options to Match dialog
28 December 2016 Improvements to CSV import
07 November 2016 Change plugin name to avoid confusion between this and the official Alamy Image Manager
07 November 2016 Fix links in Help/About dialog
15 July 2016 Fix crash on startup when formatting uninitialised sales total
15 July 2016 Fix import and export of CSV files
02 June 2016 Fix display bug when no geotagged photos existed on a grid page
26 February 2016 Add option to use Active or Passive FTP
05 February 2016 Don't use SessionID if using FTP uploader
03 February 2016 Fix error when using the "Check for Updates" button in the Plugin Manager
03 February 2016 Don't clear sales figures if no data is received from Alamy
01 February 2016 Improved definition of Unset Data collection
01 February 2016 Reimported JPEGs were being incorrectly labelled
01 February 2016 Workaround for occasional Alamy upload errors
31 January 2016 Automatic Sales Check control was incorrectly hidden
31 January 2016 Total rewrite of Pseudonym Management code
09 January 2016 Don't re-count keywords if they haven't changed
09 January 2016 Fix for login due to change on Alamy website
09 January 2016 Version check was showing update available all the time
02 October 2015 Add IPTC Headline to Alamy Plus tagset
14 September 2015 Fix error dialog on first launch under some circumstances
26 August 2015 Support FTP transfer and "news" uploads.
14 August 2015 Optionally use comma as keyword separator instead of Alamy-specific notation.
09 August 2015 Fix plugin to be aware of a change in Alamy's online services
22 July 2015 Don't run startup checks if the plugin is disabled.
23 April 2015 Fix problems with Alamy QC when using saved upload presets
03 February 2015 Fix incorrect "Repair your Pseudonyms" file after first intallation
26 January 2015 Make sure that the Alamy Email is a valid email address
11 January 2015 Only update keyword counts for affected photos after a fetch
09 January 2015 Fix potential problems creating Smart Collections on the first run after installation
22 December 2014 Increase Alamy password length to 50 characters
10 December 2014 Release
16 October 2014 Fetching data from Alamy should be faster for larger catalogs
09 October 2014 Partial workaround for the Error 500 problem
01 September 2014 Fix problems searching for specific photos Fix problem where the Alamy QA process may not start correctly
08 October 2013 Corrections to keyword allocationg with certain combinations of flags
11 August 2013 Remove occasional "database is locked" error message when checking for sales
07 August 2013 Fix bug in keyword priority where too many were being seen as being used in the caption
07 August 2013 Add option to overwrite Essential/Main keyword fields during metadata upload even if they are already populated
05 August 2013 Add caption/keyword counts/license type to Library module attribute filter bar
04 August 2013 Add feature to count useful words in caption and all keyword categories
27 July 2013 Add progress bar for uploads in LR4+
27 July 2013 Uploaded photos may wait for 24 hours before being processed by Alamy
26 July 2013 Not setting keywords during update, if no keywords were already present.
24 July 2013 Show number of sales as well as value of sales
28 January 2013 Create Smart Collections automatically if they don't exist, on LR3+
28 January 2013 Excluding photos by collection was not working
25 January 2013 Only run sales check if plugin enabled
25 January 2013 Alamy pseudonym version is stored in the catalog for Lightroom 3+
13 November 2012 Allow download of Alamy keywords without updating the LR keyword tree.
13 August 2012 Logfile CSS not created in the right place, so logs not displayed correctly.
13 August 2012 Use newer licensing names in Smart Collections and Metadata display
08 May 2012 Was possible to get "compare with nil" error if the Plugin Manager had never been opened.
21 April 2012 Release
05 April 2012 Virtual copies with no name cause the Fetch exporter to crash
26 March 2012 All CSV fields are now escaped
14 March 2012 New options for Export CSV
13 March 2012 Fetch can skip photos by keyword
13 March 2012 New menu item to find duplicate AlamyRefs
13 March 2012 Cosmetic changes to dialogs
12 March 2012 Mark all images with duplicate AlamyRef values when fetching
12 March 2012 Much improved automatic keyword assigning
07 March 2012 Add CSV import for keywords
03 March 2012 Allow a web timeout to be specified
03 March 2012 Improved logfile layout
26 February 2012 Support multi-word keywords enclosed by square backets
16 December 2010 Release
15 December 2010 Can now fix the Pseudonym file most of the time if it is moved to a new copy of Lightroom
10 September 2010 Explicitly disable watermarks in LR3+
07 September 2010 Fix selecting photos in Lightroom 2
17 August 2010 Release
07 August 2010 Reduce errors accessing catalog during fetching of sales figures
16 June 2010 Allow fetch for specific images
13 June 2010 Can set keywords in LR3+ during fetching
09 June 2010 Performance improvement for keywords on Lightroom 3
08 May 2010 Add workaround for Mac browser problems
12 February 2010 Workaround for MacOS opening URLs from Lightroom
02 February 2010 Check for over-long passwords which are silently truncated by Alamy
27 January 2010 Add support for multiple Alamy accounts
10 December 2009 Logs now open correctly on MacOS
17 November 2009 Initial release