Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked most often. More will be added as they arrive!

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I bought the plugin but it's still in demo mode.
Where are the plugin settings stored?
How to automatically compress Lightroom backups
What versions of Lightroom are the plugins compatible with?
The license didn't arrive
Do I need to pay for updates?
Backing Up Lightroom
Can I have a refund?
Do I need to pay for support?
How do I enter my license details?
Where to find a logfile
How do I create a debug log?
Unable to open a file
A plugin reports an "internal error"
An XML file is unreadable.
A plugin reports an empty response
A plugin reports a Server Error

Duplicate Finder

No "Find Duplicates" menu item
Files are duplicates but not being found
How do I remove or delete duplicates?
Smart Collection is empty in Lightroom 3
There is no "Duplicates" Smart Collection
Does it work with very large catalogs?
Why are duplicates and originals both listed?
Bracketed or high-speed shots may be identified as duplicates
Virtual Copies and the Ignore option
The Ignore option doesn't seem to work
Duplicate Finder takes a long time to run
A corrupt catalog causes an error regarding 'fileAttributesAtPath' or 'rootFile'
A corrupt catalog causes an error message saying "attempt to index a nil value"
Why is there no option to compare by file size?


Duplicate Finder Manual
Win7 Themepack Creator Manual
Alamy Manager Manual
Lightroom JPEG2000 Loader Manual
Backup Cleaner Manual
SoftProofing Manual
Manual for Merge Titles Plugin


Missing Uploads
Alamy Plugin won't connect to Alamy
Logging in to Alamy causes "Alamy's Server said 500" error
Why aren't all my photos matched first time?
How to resubmit photos to Alamy
Error on startup "the plug-in's metadata could not be updated because it has been updated to a newer format than this plug-in supports"
Why isn't all my Alamy metadata present after uploading?
Blank or damaged Alamy pseudonym File
Filtering Metadata Downloads by Smart Collection may not work as you expect
CSV file is not accepted when importing it.
Can't log in to Alamy
Errors reading sales data
Unable to get an upload session
Errors when uploading to Alamy
The plugin reports that there were no images updated.


Alamy Manager (Video)
Lightroom Duplicate Finder (Video)


Why do I need to renew my license if it has expired?
How do I know if I need to renew my license?
I got a replacement license in an email. What do I do with it?
How do I get a new license?
Will my plugin stop working when the license expires?
I've lost my license details.

SoftProof Plugin

Missing Profiles for SoftProof
Gamut Warning tickbox is disabled