Changes in LRBackups V1.0.7450

Date Change
22 October 2018 Workaround for Lightroom CC 8 bug with preferences file.
04 June 2018 Explicitly show a message when no backup areas are found.
25 November 2017 Add compatibility with Lightroom CC Classic
11 October 2015 Fix bug where duplicate entries in Lightroom's prefs files were not filtered out.
05 August 2015 Fix a crash when a large number of backup locations is found.
20 July 2015 Was still removing backups even if the plugin was disabled.
20 May 2015 Find and remove Lightroom 6 backups
08 April 2013 Add support for deleting backups from network disks.
08 January 2013 Backup cleaner: Better working with multiple catalogs.
12 December 2011 Workaround for rare situation where Lightroom reports the "Documents" folder as not existing anywhere
04 May 2011 Fix problem reading Mac prefs files with non-printable characters
07 June 2010 Release