Changes in PhotoPhile V1.0.6781

Date Change
02 November 2017 Fix inability to change the number of concurrent uploads
01 November 2017 Fix bug where renaming a collection using a lower-case 'z' was not allowed
02 December 2015 Reduce delays in Lightroom Plugin
05 June 2015 Fix problem with Lightroom 5.7+ where comments were not synced back.
09 April 2015 Allow the Lightroom plugin to send RAW files
16 January 2014 PhotoPhile: Fix a bug in the plugin where it may associate an empty catalog ID.
06 January 2014 PhotoPhile: Add % complete display for thumbnails if decoding large images
06 June 2013 Fix XML output for ampersand in iPad name
04 June 2013 Bug in sending certain types of data from Lightroom 3 to iPad
08 February 2013 Unable to scan for iPad if the system temp directory had a space in the path
18 January 2013 Better handling of parallel exports
17 January 2013 Error messages were not always being displayed correctly
10 January 2013 Shouldn't reference "pickStatus" in Lightroom 3, it's not supported there.
31 December 2012 Don't override image size settings every time the dialog opens.