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Landmines and bombs still pose a very real threat to communities around the world today. One person every hour is reported killed or injured by a landmine. MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is a charity that removes these deadly weapons from the land, saving lives and allowing people to walk, farm and live free from fear.

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All Lightroom plugins tested against Lightroom 4 through 8 (CC Classic)!


Work with your Lightroom images on your iPad!

Automatic Keywording

Use AI to automatically add keywords to your photos!

Alamy-Lightroom Bridge

Export and manage your Alamy images, sales and metadata

Preview Cache Manager

Take control of the size of your Preview Cache

Backup Cleaner

Remove old, unneeded catalog backups automatically

Windows 7 Theme Creator

Create Windows 7 slideshow themepacks

Duplicate Finder

Use EXIF data to find possible duplicates


Soft Proof your photos inside Lightroom

Caption Helper

Merge Title and Caption when you upload to the web

Jpeg2000 Reader

Make Lightroom work with Jpeg2000 images

Map Web Export

Show off your georeferenced photos